Saint Petersburg Ski-O Championships 2013


16.02 - Sprint
17.02 - Combination (national discipline)
23.02 - Middle
03.03 - Markir (national discipline)
08.03 - Relay
09.03 - Long

Categories: H/D 12, H/D 14, H/D 17, H/D 20,  H/D 21, H/D 35-80 

Fees: in all categories 400 rubles (approx. 10Euros)

Markir is our national discipline. If you don't know what it is then this is a must for you to try. It's a lot of fun!!! Participants are given a map without control points. Only start position is marked on the map. Competitor must follow the course marked in the forest, keep track of own position on the map and punch the position of the control points passed during the course on the map by making a small hole in it in places where participant believes control points are located. At the end of the course competitor has to return map to organizers for penalty estimate. Penalty could be either additional minutes added to the race result or additional distance to run to complete the course.  For example penalty can be calculated as follows:  0-2mm - no penalty , 2-4mm - 1 minute, more than 4mm from the actual position of the control point - 2 minutes. This is sort of biathlon in orienteering.

Combination consist of 2 disciplines (markir + either sprint or middle). First, competitor completes markir course. At the end of markir participant returns map to organizers and enters so-called estimate lap that is long enough for organizers to calculate penalty and inform participant how many penalty laps he/she has to complete before continuing to the next part of the discipline (either sprint of middle race).

Participants must register for each event individually through online registration service (in Russian only). International participants may also enter by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Registration at service usually starts one week before each event.

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